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Transition & Feeding Guide

While transitioning your doggie to 100% Breck & Bailey food, we recommend allowing for a transitioning period over 7 – 10 days. Make note that our adult recipes have nutritional adequacy for all life stages and should be fed with a suggestion close to that of our feeding guideline. While our “Puppy Picnic” recipe has been designed specifically for the growth stage of life, all owners should also follow the feeding guidelines closely as the pup grows. We must say, it is always best to consult your veterinarian before making any level of feeding transition for your pup.

First step first! We suggest slowly introducing Breck & Bailey food into your doggie’s existing diet by mixing it in with the old food and slowly increasing feeding amounts over the 7-10 day period. This is very important because a quick transition could result in digestive issues. Read on to learn MORE!

Day 1 – 3

Introduction of Breck & Bailey: your doggie’s bowl should consist of 75% old pet food & 25% NEW food.

Day 4 – 6

Steadily increase your NEW Breck & Bailey feeding amount by 25% more. Now, your pup’s bowl should consist of approximately 50% old pet food & 50% NEW food.

Day 7 – 9

SO CLOSE! Now, increase the Breck & Bailey NEW food by another 25%. The feeding bowl should now consist of 25% old food & 75% NEW food.

Day 10

Feeding time should now consist of 100% Breck & Bailey! CONGRATS! You did it! Your four-legged bestie is on the road to living THE good life now.

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