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For multi-dog households, we prefer to manually customize your meal plans. This helps us create the best meal plan for your budget and to save freezer/fridge space. Bark at us!

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Puppies have different needs than adult dogs and we'll need to customize a meal plan specifically for your puppy.

We'll review your dog's info and contact you within 1 business day with a proposed meal plan and pricing.

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It looks like we need to manually customize a meal plan specifically for your multi-dog house. After we recieve your pups' details, we'll send you meal options and pricing right away (usually less than 1 business day).

For some of our larger pals, we need to manually customize meal plans and shipping schedules. After we recieve your pup's details, we'll send you meal options and pricing right away! (usually less than 1 business day).

Here are the plans for you

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Full Meal

Complete and balanced diet

[[ totals.price.full ]][[ totals.price.full_off ]]/ day
Subscription: every [[ totals.freq.full ]] days

Half Meal

Mix with current food

[[ totals.price.half ]][[ totals.price.half_off ]]/ day
Subscription: every [[ totals.freq.half ]] days

Quarter portions

Starter option

[[ totals.price.quart ]][[ totals.price.quart_off ]]/ day
Subscription: every [[ totals.freq.quarter ]] days
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